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Lecture 17

PSY 1101 Lecture Notes - Lecture 17: Relative Deprivation, Frontal Lobe, Twin Study

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PSY 1101
Najwa Haddad

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Lecture 17
A. Emotions and the ANS
o!Fight or flight
o!Calm and relax
!You need both, one to excite you and one to calm you down.
B. Psychology of specific emotions
!There are similarities between similar emotions.
!Anger, fear, happiness
o!Increase heart rate
o!But anger increases blood pressure more than fear does.
o!Anger increases body temperature, fear reduces body
!Positive emotions increase the level of activity in the left frontal
!Negative emotions increase the level of activity in the right
frontal lobe.
Nonverbal Communication
!We express our emotions through:
o!Facial expressions
o!Body language
!These are body essential for survival.
!Nature made us so we can communication with facial expressions.
!We are capable of over 7000 facial expressions.
!Essential for survival and everyday communication.
!We communicate about our internal state and intentions.
!Great source of information.
Innate and universal
!Expressed emotions are innate and universal.
!Facial expressions are the same everywhere around the world and
in all cultures.
Detecting and computing emotions
!(Read in the book once)
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The role of culture
!Culture will determine when, how much and what you are going to
!Here we see differences from one part of the world to another.
!Emotion is the same but how we express it and extend it to the
world is different in each culture.
!When it comes to feeling emotions and their intensity, there is not
significant difference between men and women.
!Men experience the same emotions as women do and with the
same intensity.
!We are taught to express emotions differently.
!We differ in the expression of emotions.
!Women are more expressive than men.
Effects of facial expressions
!Not only we expression our emotions through our face and body,
but also through our body parts movements.
!Our facial expressions will determine our emotions.
!Your facial smile, body movements are going to send information to
your brain.
!When women get Botox they are less angry because they cannot
A. Fear
!Basic emotion
!Healthy and can be adaptive
!Fear is essential for survival.
!It’s the alert system of the body telling us something could be
potentially wrong.
!Fear is a call to action.
!It keeps us safe and life.
!Its essential for pursuing our goals.
o!E.g. Fear of failing, therefore you put energy to do good.
o!It’s a powerful motivation
!However, fear can be dysfunctional and maladaptive.
o!It can be over exaggerated, you can get so overwhelmed by it
that you can get crippled and paralyzed.
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