PSY 1102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 23: Evidence-Based Practice, Group Psychotherapy, Blind Experiment

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21 Nov 2019

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Tuesday November 19th 2019
PSYC 1101
Beck’s Cognitive Therapy
Popular in the 60s and the 70s
Group therapy became most popular in comparison to one on one therapy further
helping them socialize others and input from others.
Social institutions and families are there for support as well as they are a system of
Self-Help Groups
Target healing many problems simultaneously
Leader is not considered a therapist.
Anonymous meetings
Similar to a social network
How do we evaluate psychotherapists? How do we know who is certified?
Previously only helped with mental health
Psychological services
Counselling and surgery
Different types of professions that help now.
Surveys can help determine what is best for different individuals.
Randomized Clinical Trial (going to be on final exam) In this case we need two groups of
individuals. One treatment and one control group (View SLIDE 7)
We evaluate through:
- Evidence based practice.
- Individuals who seek therapy tend to want guidance.
- Textbook experiences are on the final exam as well.
- Individuals may require going through more than one type and dose of medication to find
what works for them.
Pharmacology = pharmacist.
- Individuals in asylums were given medication to alleviate their psychological symptoms.
- However, hospitals cut back on spending.
- Some patients may not know what they actually require
- Trials must be double blind and randomized to remove biases.
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