PSY 1102 Lecture Notes - Lecture 22: Biomedicine, Determinism, Behaviour Therapy

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21 Nov 2019

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Friday, November 15th 2019
PSYC 1101
Involves medication or surgery
Link therapy to theorists like Freud, behaviourists and humanistic.
Are individuals who step out of reality, do they have a psychological disorder?
Some who have disorders are actually innovators.
Binge vs. Hoarding
We try to classify disorders as it helps with treatment.
In historic times, treatment was to exterminate individuals as they were perceived to be
possessed with evil spirits.
However, now, we should try to understand their view of reality.
Some treatments such as biomedicine require a medical degree.
Sigmund Freud
Believed in causality psychotherapy with psychoanalysis.
Determinist view of the mind.
Using tools to see what is occurring within the mind
You are not progressing as an individual if you are stuck in a certain stage”.
Jung, Harvey.
Patient must be speaking in order for analysis to occur.
May resist because of feelings of unease because of speaking of what is happening
inside the mind.
Free association: talk about what you want, no structure, it is fluid.
Dream Analysis
Freud created the origin of the context of the dream.
If you dream of something tonight, 85% of it will come from today, 10% yesterday, 5%
Dreams are close to what Freud observed.
We need to trust therapists and have a bond if we are going to have a Freudian analysis
Transference: project feelings onto them, to help you work through your own.
E.g. slides: 12-15 for what therapy may work best for you.
Acknowledge the worth of the human being.
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