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PSY 2105 Lecture Notes - Cortisol

Course Code
PSY 2105
Julie Desjardins

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Ethics in Child Research
Need to know the risk for physical or psychological injury
Cant violate privacy
Need informed consent from both parents
Debriefing especially if the tests are stressful, have to tell them what you did, the
purpose, etc
Anonymity and confidentially
In case studies you dont ever mention the real name
Same ethical guidelines for animals, why are you doing this test? Why this many
animals? Etc
Need to make research is really sound before you can do it
Done with adults, modifyed for children
Social stress test
How well a person copes under pressure
Cortisol increases about 20 mins after your most stressful
Pretend job interview and backwards arthematic
Tell them they are going through psychological experiment but they dont know
whats going on
Adapted for child:
Told researcher was teacher, had two mins to talk about the end of the story they
are reading, then have to do a problem that is two hard for 7 year old but told
everyone else can do it
Afterwards told the teacher was mistaken and given a certificate for their good
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