PSY 2110 Lecture Notes - Lecture 11: Stanford Prison Experiment, Identifiability, Social Identity Theory

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22 Jul 2016
Slide 2
- Teams will interact
Slide 5 – Crowd behaviour
- Education and society
- Sports
- Arts and entertainment (Beatles)
- Science and technology (2012 iPhone 4S)
- Pro-Democracy and Protest in Hong Kong
Theories of intergroup relations
- Crowd behaviour
oDeindividuation (i.e. one not following social norms as a result of reduced self-
awareness in a group)
Anonymity (i.e. one being non-identifiable in a group)
Accountability (I.e. one not being held responsible)
Decrease in self-awareness ()
- Social Identity Theory (individual and social identities)
oIn-group and outgroups (increasing self-esteem by affiliation and membership to
a group)
oIn-group favouritism and outgroup derogation
Status of the in-group (in-group perceived as being of lower status)
Status within the group (people with marginal status in their in –group)
Group size (smaller group, minority groups)
Small group become more significant
Stanford prison Experiment
- Philip Zimbardo
oGuards vs. prisoners
They were not told to do it, but being put into a situation
o13 introductory textbooks in psychology
o11/13 covered the SPE
o9 social psychology chapter (2 method)
o5 no criticism and 6 minimal criticism
oResearch ethics issues
oEcological validity issues
oDemand characteristic issues
Some people do it , some people don’t
oReplication issues
oMost prospective participants guessed the outcome (i.e., oppression from
oIt is interesting, but it is mixed with personality
find more resources at
find more resources at
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