PSY 3103 Lecture Notes - Lecture 12: Orienting Response

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Classically conditioning Fetish (by student):
Click the clicker and then give Fetish a cookie. Do multiple pairings. Cookies
in left hand, clicker in right hand. Fetish is moving faster and faster, building
her eyes. You can see her getting more excited because these are better
cookies! Gladys (student) is staying completely still until she gives the cookie.
Movements can be more salience. Moving at the same time as the clicking can
mean that you’re movement gets conditioned instead of the clicking. Want to
make sure that the click is the most salient one/that were not adding any
other stimuli in the environment. Were trying to present the limitation of
overshadowing because in overshadowing its about two neutral stimuli, one
being more salient than the other, and the more salient over preventing the
conditioning of a stimuli’s. A loud shape/stimuli’s that sticks out in the
environment. The motion of salience for dogs can overshadow. To decrease
the likelihood of blocking: if there was already a stimulus that was previously
conditioned that is blocking this one. Blocking is about having a previously
condoned stimulus that prevents sticking from the pairings/ the sight of food
is predictive enough so there is no need to pa attention to the click i.e.
reaching to the hand, the sight of food, holding food in hand – these can be CS
that are already predictive of food coming that can block the
association/click becoming predictive. To overcome this, we want to weaken
the sight of food/good in my hand as the CS by having food in the hand a lot.
When prof starts training she always reminds Fetish that the food in her
hand is not predictive that she’s about to get food. Can do this until Fetish
stops looking at the food. Cant get rid of this as a CS as it would taker forever
and prof isn’t that patient’s he would have to have food on her all the time. So
instead she weakens it at the beginning of every training session. Gladys tried
this by closing her hand whenever Fetish comes close to her hand to remind
her that its not predictive but rather it’s the click that’s predictive of food
not Gladys’ hand or the sight of food. Don’t let Fetish get the food, then once
she looks away/ignores the food, Gladys can click and give her food. Can play
with food in front of Fetishes face before clicking to ensure dog understands
to not associate the two.
When dog is looking away/distracted by prior, Gladys clicks and Fetish
returns and gets food. Click is a CS. Cant see her drooling. Her ears went up.
The orienting response. Click becomes as SD for getting the cookie. Fetish
had an immediate response to the click, letting us know that the
stimulus/click has become conditioned. We had some CC happening at the
same time as the OC. She gets a cookie in her mouth and gets excited. She
hears the click, she comes forward to ear the cookie this is an operant
behavior. So the click is a CS eliciting the CR of happiness, but also lets fetish
know by the way this is a good time to move forward because you’re going to
get a cookie. Click is a reflexive response for happy feelings (high ears, bright
eyes), But the click is also an SD for moving towards the cookie. (don’t really
need to know this part)
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