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Lecture 5

PSY 3301 Lecture Notes - Lecture 5: Frontal Lobe, Myelin, Synaptogenesis

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PSY 3301
Andra Smith

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Lecture 5 January 24th, 2017
Cognitive and Executive Functioning
-Impacts our behaviour and how we accomplish things in the world
-Several types: executive functioning, social cognition, language, computation, semantic
ogitio, eor, et. Its the a e proess iforatio, how we use it and the way we use
it in the world.
-Process involved with thought
-We take in information that was experienced in the past and string together memory,
movement, thought, etc. and that creates our way of thinking. We do a lot of this self-
consciously every day. Our brain is always changing and we are always changing.
-Language is one of the aspects on cognition; on its own and with other things.
Language is how things are strung together to create things together; i.e. syntax.
-Its a aspect of cognition that separates us from other animals
-must also engage higher order thinking
-in order to have language and use it in such advanced ways is because we have our frontal
-frotal loe ist deeloped util later i life: ioled i Broas area, prefrotal orte, et.
-myelin sheath in the prefrontal lobe is developing
-saptogeesis; ere akig e oetios ad the ore oetios e hae, the ore
communications we have.
-at birth, our cell volumes are quite small compared to adult ones
-at  oths, its aroud –10x as much than birth and it increases rapidly until 24 months
-synaptogenesis develops at the same age as dendrites and slows down eventually
-if you use your brain, you can create synapses all the time through your life
-PFT is the last cortical to undergo development, which involves myelination
-DLPFC differentiated from the rest of the frontal lobe, brand new layer in layer 4 from the rest
of the orte ad its 2 the size tha a other apes
--this suggests that thats the reaso for etter eor, plaig, astratio, ot alloig
interference from pursuing a goal, etc.
--goes through myelination throughout teen years
-although the PFC is the first to deelop, its also the first to age
-atrophy as you age and the most vulnerable to other factors
-white matter is greater than other primates
DLPFC (dorsal lateral prefrontal cortex)
3 of the most influential scientists Mesulam, Blumar and Benson, Damasio (see slide)
-deals with many aspects of behaviour, related to the higher level of processing and
distinguishes us from other primates
-strong connections between these things
-related to emotional aspects of these functionings
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