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Lecture 4

PSY 3307 Lecture Notes - Lecture 4: Sampling Bias

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PSY 3307
Elizabeth Kristjansson

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Phone Interview
-larger sample size
-doesn’t cost as much as in-person interviews
-can get more qualitative information than written surveys
-people don’t like phone interviews
-they can hang up on you
-somewhat intrusive depending on the time
-biased sample (the types of people who actually answer phone interviews)
-people don’t like giving personal information over the phone
-people could misrepresent themselves over the phone
-landline and phonebooks are becoming less common
In-Person Interview
-with participants permission, you can record the interview
-can observe nonverbal responses and body language
-can arrange ideal conditions
-can ask more sensitive questions and build trust
-inconvenient, takes a lot of time
-if someone comes to you, it can be a disadvantage to them
-can’t always reach everyone (ie. rural areas)
-could get a biased response
-not anonymous
-takes more time to interview and analyze responses
Mailed Surveys
-improved privacy
-good accessibility
-time efficient
-relatively cheap
-you can complete the interview in your own time
-latency, might take time for survey to be mailed back
-easy to discard
-easy to lie
-not sure who is completing the survey
-long responce rate
-not as accessible (lose people who cannot read or write)
-only certain people will be bothered to respond
-takes time to input data into the computer
-mail system in apartments is not conducive to this type of testing
-researcher and participant can’t ask questions
Dillman’s Method: sending the mailed survey in a coloured envelope, make someone who is well known
in the community sign the envelope so people recognize the importance, send a remind or send the survey
again if you don’t get a response, make sur that the reply envelope is stamped and addressed already for
them, making it easy
Online Surveys
find more resources at
find more resources at
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