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Perception - Lecture Notes

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Kenneth Campbell

Perception November 3 : rd Visual system – How we perceive objects The Rods - In the periphery, fewer rods than cones – more rods than cones  spaces far apart - Detect movement Chapter 6: - Visual capture: our sense of vision dominates other senses - When there is simultaneous stimulation of our receptors, vision “captures” our attention - In a concert, if the loudspeakers are behind the heads, we still perceive the sound is coming from the singer’s head in front of us. Another example is the IMAX – visual image may result dizziness and the sense of falling... (Visual capture) Perceptual Organization: - Gestalt psychology - Figure ground - Grouping Textbook explains better Depth Perception: - 2 dimensional retina, but see 3 dimensions  experiment of baby perception of depth – visual cliff experiment (on table with pattern, glass, ground same pattern). Infant does not crawl out onto the glass. = Ability to see depth is at least partially INNATE. Binocular Cues - Two eyes don’t see the same thing – provides a cue for depth (possibility) - Retinal disparity - 3D movies – two cameras placed a few cm apart to film the scene (Imitate the eyes in that the images on the two cameras are slightly different) - Stereograms – two views of the same thing - Force eyes to work independently = integrate the two different images and thus create depth. Monocular Cues - Relative size – near objects are larger than far objects - Relative height – far objects are higher in the visual field
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