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Lectures for Sensation and Perception Lecture notes from Brown's 2011 section on Sensation and Perception pertaining to Ch. 6 of the 9th edition of the textbook.

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Robert Brown

SENSATION AND PERCEPTION LECTURE 9 Friday February0411know prologue ch 1 ch 2 and ch6 p 230262 for midtermthe prologue and Ch1clump togetherthe midterm will be about 20 Q 20Q and 10 Q50 Qs Bridge between sensation and perceptionexample a picture of fruit that looks like a face SENSATION the process by which our sensory receptors and nervous system receive and represent stimulusenergies from the environment PERCEPTION the process of organizing and interpreting sensory information enabling us to recognize meaningfulobjects and eventssensation is the picture perception is the frame that you draw around itBOTTOMUP PROCESSSING analysis that begins with the sensory receptors and works up to the brainsintegration of sensory information principle happening at the lowest levelimposes structure on higher levels of organization ex black and white picture you seeyou have to interpret what the picture is Dalmatian pic TOPDOWN PROCESSING information guided by higher level mental processes that impose a framework onsensory information ex a picture of a skull that can also be shown as a picture of a young woman looking into a mirror up to you if you want to see the skull or the woman ABSOLUTE THRESHOLD the minimum stimulation needed to detect a stimulus 50 of the time ex a light that is so dim that you cant detect it dims after a while from repetitive sitmulation why do we caresignal detection theory SIGNAL DETECTION THEORY a theory that says that there is a sliding threshold for stimulus detection dependson multiple factors including experience alertness expectations and motivations experience the more experience you have in detecting signal the better youll be able to do it motivation warning for a 100 prize for finding something youll detect it more easily two ways to be right in detecting a signal two ways to be wrongEx shark or bombIf its a bomb and youre correct or shark and youre correct and vice versaWrong if you pick false alarm or you miss a signalperformance rapidly decreases on the order of minutesrest breaks helpexercise helpstime of day mattersexperience is important LECTURE 10 Tuesday February0811 For Friday midtermNo perfume or body spray on Fridayno diagrams on the testlectures demonstrate the most important contents and the prof also tests on the most important concepts so lectures are a good guideyoure responsible for these lecture notes for the midterm
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