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Lectures on Motivation Lectures from Brown's 2011 section on motivation pertaining to Ch.11 of the 9th edition of the Psychology textbook

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Robert Brown

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MOTIVATION LECTURE 19 Friday March2511Motivation is a need or desire that energizes behaviour and directs it towards a goal4 MAJOR PERSPECTIVESInstinct Theory replaced by the evolutionary perspectiveDriveReduction TheoryArousal TheoryHierarchy of MotivesINSTINCTSa complex behaviour that is rigidly patterned throughout a species and is unlearned fixed pattern unlearnedcommon in other species less so in humans at alla reflection is driven by a physiological link creates a rigid fixed path of behaviour where motivation can beinternal that it doesnt need external stimuli to generate the responseEx in turtles you lay the eggs and walk away chicks can stand almost immediately and will begin to scratch and peck at the groundimprinting ducklings immediately imprint onto adults if they see adult first useful because instinct cuesbehaviour of offspring to be attracted to first large object they see after hatchingIssue if a dog is thefirst thing they see the dog wouldnt be able to do much duckbird wise Conrad Lorenlifetime study on instinctual and bondingimprinting events in birdsHed incubateeggs and leave boots near the nest and the birds would be imprinted onto the bootsHumans display reflexes but no instincts reflexes include rooting and suckling and Babinski reflex Babinskiif you scratch the foot of a baby it curls over it same thing handMore enforced in monkeysrooting birds when touched by breast they immediately open mouth for suckling DRIVES AND INCENTIVESDrivereduction theory a physiological need creates an aroused tension state the drive that the organism seems tominimizeEx I dont wanna get up but I have to peeSimsset parameters in characters lives and create cities so they will interact fall in love etc The creator EXPLICITLY designed around drivereduction theory characters have drives thatneed to be met If a character has a need for amusement things like a jukebox or pinball machine will not have avery strong attractive force versus a nightclub single largest attractionthe bed bc all need to sleep DRIVE REDUCTION THEORYaim is homeostasis literally staying the same temperature regulation osmolarity pushed by a physiological need
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