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Lectures on Emotions, Stress and Health Lectures from Brown's 2011 section on emotions, stress and health pertaining to Ch.12 of the 9th edition of the Psychology textbook.

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University of Ottawa
Robert Brown

EMOTIONSLECTURE21 Friday April0111 emotions are our bodys adaptive responseemotions are a mix of 1 physiological activation 2 expressive behaviours 3 conscious experienceIts friday Friday gotta get down on Friday everybodys looking forward to the weekend weekendControversy 1 Does physiological arousal precede or follow your emotional experience 2 Does cognition thinking precede emotion feeling Lets consider a situationYou get out of your car to see a dinosaur crushing your houseThere will bephysiological responses heartbeat increase perspiration youll also be developing an emotional statewhere you are scaredThe issue is how does this state relate to these eventsAnother ex driving a car and another car is crossing in your lane and coming right at you thJamesLang Theory late 19 centuryargued that emotion is a part of our awareness that you have external stimuli which causephysiological response and you interpret those as fear CannonBard Theory youre sweating and heart pounding with emotion but they are independent of one another try and remove the presence of physiological symptoms beta blocker medication for hypertension which blocks activation of sympathetic nervous systemif you block these symptoms according to JamesLang you wouldnt be able to feel fear Antonio Demasio clinician interested in choosing between these theoriesHe studied paralysis patientsand their emotional sensationsSchachterSinger TwoFactor Theory fear is a production of both mental processes and physiological symptoms but additionalrequirement of cognitive label associated with it awareness of what emotive state isex kids would fall into something and would look at mom to see if they should feel bad or notEMOTIONS AND THE AUTONOMIC NERVOUS SYSTEMsee tablefigure in textbookduring an emotional experience our autonomic nervous system mobilizes energy in the body that arouses us sympatheticgetting ready for action go do something heroic the same symptoms often come from various intense emotions pupil dilationhatred or love any strong emotion should be efficient for all symptoms EMOTIONSlie detection works on this principle it does not work at all but people have been trained in the technique believe it almost 100 accurate remember overconfidence from lecture 3when telling a lie peoples sympathetic nervous system is activatedthe operator can measure increases in heart rate skin conductivity and respiration when people lie in high pressure situations you can measure activation of sympathetic nervous system measureGalvanic skin responselinked to sweat
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