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Lecture 2

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Lecture 2Jan 17The survey to describe behaviour or opinions of people by taking a selfreport questionnaire or interview on a sample SamplingRepresentative sample random selection of sample from POPULATION whole group Random sampling method each person in population has an equal probability of being included Naturalistic Observation Observe and record behaviour in natural settings no intervention of manipulation of situationcan provide accurate descriptiontime consumingcannot determine causeandeffect Correlation Expresses the relationship between measures variables In terms of Direction StrengthScatterplot Graph plotting two variables The Correlation Coefficientstatistic expressing relationship symbolized by r range100 to100 sign indicates direction can be positive negative or no relationshippositive when both increase or decrease together negative when variable move in opposite directions value indicates strength can have strong negative or positive correlation higer values means stronger relationship07100 is a high correlation debates often occur around the 0203in order to evaluate correlation direction and value need to be looked at separately no manipulation or treatment involved simple measure variables can enable prediction Correlation alone cannot determine causality Two problems reverse causation does variable A cause B or does B cause Athird variable one third variable can cause both A and Buse correlation when you cannot ethically manipulate certain variables or it is impossible to manipulate variables Experiment
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