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PSY 1101

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University of Ottawa
Najwa Haddad

PSY 1101 EFFECTS OF DRUGS AND LEARNINGE Influences on Drug Use 10 of people who try become addictedE1Biological Influence Genetic component proven through 1 Adoption studieschildren more similar to biological parents than adoptive parents 2 Twin studiesidentical twins more similar than fraternal in terms of risk for addiction 3 Genesassociated with addiction less CREB means more anxiety and alcohol consumption AGS3 associated with addiction to heroin CYP2A6 is a protective gene that makes one less likely to smoke or be addicted to drugs NPY is a neurotransmitter negative correlation between NPY and anxietyalcohol consumption Depends on type of drug used Ageadult starts drinking10 chance addiction teen starts drinking43 addiction Gender2x more addictions among men not entirely sure if because of biological component or social Bottom line Genes are not destiny we make our own choices and gene vulnerability does not mean inevitabilityE2Psychological and Cultural Influences Major transitions in life divorce break up school etc could bring about turning to alcoholdrugs Culture belonged to religious groupssurvey states that black teens are less likely to drinkdo drugs Mental illnessstrong correlation Loneliness low selfesteem bored life meaningless helpless GenderMore okay for men Biological component Peers and familyE3How Do We Prevent Drug Use Maximize protective factors like Boost selfesteem Sense of purpose Healthy pleasurable activities Managing emotions Encourage having positive peers Family bonds Education about drugs EtcV NearDeath Experiences Experiences reported by people clinically dead then revived or people who experienced severe trauma and almost died but recovered As though floating out of body and tunnel visionmoving in a dark tunnel bright light in middle blissful but some have terrible emotions see dead loved ones maybe religious figures
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