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PSY1101 - Notes for the Semester

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Kenneth Campbell

thSeptember 13Prescreen questionnaire1 point available on your first access Laboratory studies a point per up to60 minutesSign up for specific timeslot Online studies 05 point per 30 minutes max 60 minutes sign up at any timeFilms of psychological research 1 point per film sign up for a specific timeslotACTIVATION September 14 9am deadline December 7 5pmGetting credits up to two weeks after participation contact researchers first max of 4 points of final course grade Appointments cancel 24h in advance no showno cancellation1 point penaltyUser ID emailuOttawaca Password Student Number httpuottawasonasystemscomTo sign up click on study signup for the list of activities click the name of a study or film click on participate choose a time slot GO AN SEE YOUR IDENTITY CODE In my schedule and Credits issues spppuOttawaca Lecture notesDefine our variables observe our variables measure quantify our variablesProblems What are mental processes High level language verbs subjects etc Low paying attention Difficult to define mental processes cannot be observed activity can be inferred Behaviour psychology is the study of behaviour watching someone write notes What is defining behaviour Behaviour can be observed How do we measure quantify behaviour Even if we can observe and measure behaviour What causes the behaviour Definition the study the mental processes and behaviour Is this an experiment in psychology We examine the mind a mental state Reaction time Major divisions of psychology experimental clinical and applied Experimental begin mid to late 1800 first experimental psychology lad considered to be that of Wilhelm Wundt in Leipzig Germany The exact description of consciousness is the soles aim of experimental psychology Basic principles of experimentation are used to explain psychological phenomena Structuralism Developed by Edward Ticherner in the US basic structures of the min analogous to the basic elements in Chemistry Method he used is called introspection Functionalism pragmatism developed by William James in the US Is the mind physical in nature What is the function of our thoughts and emotions James did not carry out expiremental research Developed a number of studies and theories about consciousness wrote the first book of psychology the study was highly subjective Orange only exists within the mind
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