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Sensation Notes

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Kenneth Campbell

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thOctober 18 Sensation y Sensory inputreceptor eyes auditory cortex Sensation and Perception y How do we transform the earths external energy stimulus input unto what will eventually become a meaningful percept y How is my experience of the universe any different from yourso Anger Happiness Etc y We all seem to have the same sensory receptorsretina o Yet what you and I call the experience or consciousness of the sensation seems to be quite different Sensation y Involves sensory input and in the receptor sensory input and transmission y Transduction Role of the receptor is to translate or transducer the physical energy of the universe into something the nervous system can understand an electrical signal o Need specialised receptor for specific feelingsy Perception integrating of the sensory information to form percept o Must involve memory o Processing presumably takes place at a higher level of the brain o Might involve consciousness o Subjective the minds Iplay on word eye y Features to be extracted Physics of Energy o What modality is it light audition touch o Frequency how often o Intensity how much o Location where is it in space Spatial location o Duration how long does the stimulus occur y EnergyAbsolute Threshold o Detection of minimum energy required to stimulate receptorof trials o Minimum amount of energy required for us to detect the stimulus on 50y Difference Threshold Just Noticeable Difference jnd o Detection of minimum change in energy o Webers Law deltalIk The magnitude that a stimulus has to be increased or decreased in order for a change to be detected is a constant proportion note not a constant addition o Jnd 1
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