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Chapter 3 - Consciousness and the 2 track-mind

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Najwa Haddad

Chapter 3Consciousness and the 2 trackmind I And II Earn a pointpp 85 to 107 At least 12 questionsII Hypnosis A Some definitionsHypnosis an interaction between the hypnosis and the participantPosthypnotic Suggestion A suggestion made during the hypnosis session where the participant is told to do something once the session is overPosthypnotic Amnesia a suggestion made to the participant during the session that tells the participant to forget a fact B Myth busting 1 through 121 Hypnosis anyoneMost people are moderately hypnotizable20 of the population are highly hypnotizable1020 who are difficult the hypnotizable Stable trait you will not become more or less hypnotizable throughout your lifeGeneticy CMOT linked and associated with hypnotizable abilityUnrelated y Gullibility y Imagination y PsychopathologyRelated the ability to get absorbed in an activityExpectations2 A puppet masterA hypnosis does not need special education to hypnotize someoneA hypnosis has no power over you he does not control your mind you remain in full and total control3 Sleeplike stateIt is not like sleeping4 SurroundingsThey do not lose touch with their surroundings and their environment5 Are the phenomenon we see under hypnosis unique to hypnosisNo we see this phenomenon in other cases as well6 StrongertalentedAbsolutely not It does not make you stronger or more talented7 Can it make you do immoralcriminal actsNobody can make you do this under hypnosis If you did it it means you wanted to do itLegitimate context and authority figure we obey and comply8 MemoryHypnosis does not improve memory or allow you to retrieve memory that you do not rememberThere is a serious danger with hypnosis because you can implant false memories with hypnosis make people believe something happened when it really didnt9 Age regressionUnder hypnosis and adult or teenager is told right now they are 3 years old or 6 months old and then those people start talking as if they were that age this is because they start playing that role not because they are truly regressing to that age10 Hypnotic analgesiaHypnosis does help burn victims and others not feel the painMetaanalysis 27 studies a powerful statistical study where many studies are analyzed and the combine the answers forming one75 933 933 studiesOften the reduction is substantialFew cases equivalent to taking morphine Rainville et al 1997 PET scan y Alert hand put into boiling hot waterSCC up getting informationintense heatACC up suffering y Hypnotic induction not suggestionSCC upACC up
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