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Chapter 7 - Learning

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Najwa Haddad

Chapter 7Learning I IntroLearning experiences we go through which cause a permanent change in things we feel a bad relationship makes us want to avoid loveAdaptability and flexibilityHope you can change the negative things you have learned II Classical Conditioning IntroductionConditioning a process by which we learn to make associations Classical conditioning a form of conditioning where we learn to associate 2 events or 2 stimuli one event triggers or predicts the arrival of another event o Example Lightening predicts thunder o Fire alarm signals get up and leave A1 Into and acquisition Pavla one of the biggest names in psychology although he was a medical doctor and not a psychologistsWas doing research on the digestive system and salivaStudied dogs y Give dog food he will salivate o Food unconditional stimulus UCS o Salivation unconditional response UCR o Unconditioned means unlearned y If you ring a bell the dog will not salivate o Bell neutral stimulus o No salivation y Bell and foodsalivation repeatedly does this o Bell alonesalivation o Bellconditions stimulus CS o Salivation conditioned response CR o Conditioned means learnedPsychic secretionsHigher order conditioning we trained the dog to salivate at the sound of the bellNow we want the dog to salivate when he sees the red triangleSo we do red trianglebellfoodsalivation y Results in red trianglesalivation Definition of acquisition everything we talked about was acquisition
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