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Chapter 8 - Memory

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Najwa Haddad

Memory I Introduction y Memory is not a single process but consists of multiple processes encoding storage and retrieval y Adaptive and necessary for survival y Maladaptive someone who has been at war or suffered a horrible experience like rape they will relieve moments over and over again because they remember themII Encoding information y Acquiring the information entering it and putting it in there y Several ways to encode informationAutomatic processing our brain automatically remember and processes informationEffortful processing we are going to put the time energy and effort into getting the information in 21 RehearsalEbbinghaus first to study memory scientifically o Created nonsense syllables o DASBAZXIRThe next in line effect o 1 2 3 4 5 6The serial position effect given a list of names to memorize we are more likely to remember the first few words and the last few words o We remember the last few better then the middle because of recencey effect o We remember the first few words better then the middle because we had more time to rehearse them Spacing effect instead of cramming two days before the exam and studying everything study a little each day and just go over them the day before this makes you better likely to remember the information long termTesting effect when you are tested and retested and retested on the same material you are likely to know it better than just studying it 22 Elaborative Processing when you go to study zoom in on the meaningVisually is the word bold coloured in italicsAcoustically what does it rhyme withSemantically means meaning put the word in a sentence th When you study meaning it takes you 110 of the time to memorize itSelfreference effect anything you relate to yourself you remember better
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