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Chapter 12 - Emotions

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Najwa Haddad

Chapter 12 Emotions pages 497526I IntroductionComplex psychological process that have 3 distinctive componentsPhysiological arousal heart beats fast sweaty palmsBehavioural expression get made you pound a table get scared you run awayConscious awareness How do the 3 components fit togetherEmotions can be adaptive they are essential for survival because an animal is scared it runs for its life fear keeps us alivePeople who have lost their ability to feel emotions due to brain injury or disease make disastourous decisionsMaladaptive when someone is so stressed and depressed they kill themselves or if they are enraged and kill someone else2 major dimensions Valence how positive or how negative it isArousal how much the emotion is linked and associated with the bodyIn Japan they have a third dimension called interpersonal engagement how much they are linked and associated with interactions and relationships with othersII Theories of Emotions A The JamesLange TheoryThey did not work together but had similar ideasCommon sense see a bear afraid run conscious awareness first then physiological arousal then behavioural expressionJames Lange we see the bear we run and the heart beats very fast physiological arousal comes first then behavioural expression of panic then you are awareEmotions are linked and associated with distinct physiological arousalB CanonBard TheoryThey did not work together but had similar ideasWe see the bear simultaneously run beat faster heart and express emotions none are the cause of othersEmotions are physiologically similar to each otherC Shacters Theory2 major components to emotionsPhysiological arousal
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