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thJanuary 9 2012Lecture 1The beginning of PsychologyPsychology is a subdiscipline of philosophy or biologyPsychological Science1Systematic Observations2Critical Thinking SciencePhilosophyis one nature of psychologyIn ancient Egypt there was some knowledge of the brain that is responsible for our actionUniversity of Leipzig Germany December 1879st1Wilhelm Wundt responsible for1 psychological experiment2Reaction Time ExperimentsWundt would measure your reaction respond to stimulous then do something differentWhen you recognize a stimulousHe would try different types of stimuliSchools of Psychology1 StructuralismAn early school of psychology that used introspection to explore the structural elements of the human mindFocus on experience and break it downStructuralism is a school of psychology that focuses on the structural elements of the mindJust like physics focuses on the structural elements of an atom psychological structuralism focuses on the structural elements of the mindIn other words the structural elements of your experiences perceptions sensations thoughts emotions etcBreak them down in small little piecesSee how those pieces get put back together to form the whole theoryEx of touch come up with different ways experiences that one could have from touch which could be pain cold heat pleasure basically coming up with a descriptive of different kindways of a particular experienceEdward Rathfurd Titchener introduced structuralismHe was a British psychologist who brought psychological findings to north America1Method used Introspection look inwardHe used this method to train people to report elements of their experience as they looked at a rose listened to a metronome smelled a scent or tasted a substance
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