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University of Ottawa
Gary Capstick

rdJanuary 232012 Lecture 5 Studying the brain1 Brain Damagehow the brain is mapped which part of the brain controls what functions etc o Lesion o Selectively destroy area of the brain2 Electroencephalogram and neuroimaging techniques o Look at brains electrical activity or metabolic activityEEG measures the electrical activity of the brainBrain Waves study sleep stagesdiagnose epilepsyEvent Related Potentialsdamage to visual cortexmeasure of timing of brains information processingEvent related potentialswhat they will do is sit with a cap on the cap becomes very uncomfortable scratch your head sit there and they will present images to you flash of a checkerboard or something like that and do it over and over againMeasuring electro activityA lot of randomness to these waves because there so much going on What you do to get the event you time your EEG to the time you get the stimulusWhat your brain was doing and you do this hundreds of time andPositron Emission Tomorography PET Scan you can see the brain in action metabolic activityit specifically looks at glucose consumption they will inject you with radioactive glucose mildly radioactivethis emits positron they place you in the machine and this detects the positron subatomic particle opposite of an electron o Measures metabolic activity o Glucose consumption Radioactive glucose o Emits positrons as it decays o Scanner detects the location of the radioactivity
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