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Lecture 12 Sleep TheoriesProtective Function1 1Avoid Predators First evolved as a protective functions Ex fishdolphinsshark one part of the brain shuts down and the other stays awakePeople that come up with these kinds of theories will be your evolution psychologistAvoid predatorsyou are picking somewhere where it is sound and secure to avoid predatorsrelax stay out of harms way most animals find somewhere safe to sleep 2 Conserve Energy which in our environment doesnt matter that much because theres food everywhereThis is evolutionary bizarre this typically doesnt happenMost animals spend a good chunk of their time looking for foodYou couldnt just waste energy back centuries agoToday doesnt really matter but a few thousand years ago just a scratch can lead to an infection could lead to your death the amount of time that you can spend out of harms way you are more likely to live longer and pass on your genes to the next generationsEvidence Sleep patterns related to ecological attributes Ability to hide if you cant find somewhere where it is safe from predators it is idea to remain safe somewhereThings like sheep and horses they cant really avoid wolves so they sleep only 23 hours a day because they have to maintain a certain amount of diligence to stay safeNeed to grazeelephants and giraffe just mainly eat grass and stuffif you are an elephant you need to spend almost the whole day just eating because theres not much protein in plants and you will need to eat a lot of itThe higher up on the food chain the more you can sleep
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