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Najwa Haddad

PSY 1101 Lecture 2Experimental Researchthe only kind of research that will allow you to study cause and effect relationships and draw inferences from this experimental researchstudies deal with independent and dependant variable language is quantified descriptive and corelational research does not allow you to do this independent variable will cause a change in another variable it influences and affects other variablesthe researcher manipulates the independent variable dependent variable is being changedaffectedinfluenced by another variable the independent variablethis is the variable that the researcher measuresExample Lipitor lowers cholesterol a cause and effect relationshipcholesterol is the dependent variabletaking lipitor is the independent variableExample Green tea boosts immune functionimmune function is the dependent variable drinking green tea is the independent variableWhy is experimental research the only kind of research that will allow you to study cause and effect relationshipwith experimental research the researcher 1 manipulates the independent variable and 2 controls all other independent variablesthus experimental research allows you to talk about cause and effect relationship C1 Manipulate the Independent Variable the researcher creates at least 2 or more levels of the independent variablethe 2 groups in the study include the experimental group and the control group which is always needed Example Running on the treadmill alleviates depressionrunning on the treadmill is the independent variabledepression is the dependent variable1 group runs on the treadmill the experimental groupthe other group does not run on the treadmill the control groupthis creates 2 levels that manipulate the independent variablethe results of both groups can be compared to see if there is a difference
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