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Perception I Perceptual Organization Introduction Gestalt Psychologyschool in psychology founded in the early 1900s in Germanyresearchers interested in how the brain organizes information collected by the sensesno longer exists as a school of psychologygestalta form a wholethe brain is innately predisposed to organize information into a gestalt an organized form a unified wholeie the facethe whole may exceed the sum of its partseg seeing a circle when there is no circlethe brain is not passive it is actively involved in construction perceptionA Form PerceptionA1 Figure and Ground we innately organize a visual scene into a figure and groundfigure any object we pay attention toground the backgroundapplies to other sensefigure and ground are constantly reversing the stimulus gives more than 1 perceptionthe figure and ground is a creation of the brain not a property of the physical worldA2 Grouping How else do we perceive formGestalt Principles Rules1 proximity elements in a visual scene that are spatially and physically close to each other are perceived as a single unit2 similarity elements in a scene that are physically similar to each other ie color shape etc are perceived as a set3 continuity elements in a scene that appear to flow in the same direction or have a similar pattern are perceived as a unit and our eyes follow them
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