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Brenda Baird

Prologue The Story of PsychologyWhat is Psychology Definition of Psychology mind brain behaviorThe science of behavior what we do and mental processes sensations perceptions dreams thoughts beliefs and feelings that occur within the brainUltimate goal to understand human behaviorPast Conceptions of Abnormal BehaviourAncient Societies The Stone Age TheoryDeviance and the supernaturalmysticism A deviation from the normpossessed by an evil spirit tides stars etcTreatmentExorcismTrephination Ancient Egypt 1900 BCTheoryWandering Uterus TreatmentStrong smells Ancient Greeks later termed hysteria Believed that the women were suffering from a dislodged uterus Like an animal moving around in her body searching for food and water and depending on where it moved to it would cause different crazy symptoms Cured with strong smells Psychologys Roots Prescientific PsychologyIs the mind connected to the body or distinctAre ideas inborn or is the mind a blank slate filled by experience NatureNurtureNativismEmpiricismIs experience due to nature genesinnate or due to experienceNatureNativismNurtureEmpiricism gaining knowledge through experience through measure testing etcThe Rise of Psychology as a Science Philosophical Roots of PsychologyDescartes 15961650 Dualism o Mind can be controlled by voluntary actions The soul could affect the body through a voluntary action by tilting a fluid gland in the brain
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