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Psychosocial Health; characteristics of psychosocially healthy people

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Najwa Haddad

Psychosocial Health - Encompasses the social, emotional, intellectual and spiritual dimensions of health. - Psychosocially healthy people have managed to develop theses dimensions to optimal levels - Psychosocially healthy people respond to challenges, disappointments, joys, frustrations better than psychosocially unhealthy people. Characteristics of Psychosocially Healthy People: - They feel good about themselves and are not overwhelmed by fear, love, anger, jealousy, guilt or worry - They feel comfortable with other people and have satisfying and lasting personal relationships. They do not take advantage of others, nor do they allow others to take advantage of them. They freely express positive and negative feelings - They control tension and anxiety by being aware of fatigue levels, monitoring anxiety and disorganization and by pacing themselves - They recognize the underlying causes and symptoms of stress, anxiety in their lives and consciously struggle to avoid illogical or irrational thoughts, unnecessary aggression, hostility, excessive excuse and blaming others for their problems - They are able to meet the demands of life. They try to solve problems as they arise, accept responsibility and pl
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