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PSY1102 - Psychological Disorders #2 - Chapter 14

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Najwa Haddad

PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS CHAPTER 14 part 2Mood DisordersAMajor Depressive Disordersymptoms intense deep sadness weight problems sleep disorders negative thoughts feel worthless difculty concentrating suicidal thoughtsdiagnosis5 or more of the symptoms and for 2 weeks or longerBDysthymic Disorderless severe but more chronic than major depressive disorderfeel sadness in everyday life have similar symptoms as MDD but not as intensediagnosed if they have 2 or more symptoms for 2 years of moredouble depressiondysthymic person who has temporary major depressionCBiPolar Disordermood disorderboth ends of the continuummajor depression to mania extreme excitationmanic symptoms increased energy days without sleep active excessive euphoria excitable over talkative talk fast change topics fast highly distracted cant concentrate super high condence higher sex drive likely to use drugs provocative behaviour and aggressivestate of mania for 1 week or more3 or more symptomsCyclothymic Disordermilder less severe version of bipolarmood swings are not extreme enough DExplaining Mood DisordersD1 The Biological Perspectivegenetic component depression runs in familiesloss of gray matter frontal lobes and hippocampus are smaller than normallow levels of activity in the left frontal lobe high levels in the right frontal lobeamygdalahigher levelsneurotransmitters depression is linked with low levels of dopamine seratonin norepinephrine and glutamatehormonal systems are hyped upevolutionary perspectivemoderate depression is a wake up callmaniahigher norepinephrine glutamate D2 SocialCognitive Perspectiveenvironmental factorsdisorder of thinkingpeople are depressed because their own thinking is maladaptive they think poorly of themselves of the future and of the worldcognitive triad pessimisticnegative eventinternal stable and global
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