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PSY1102 - Therapies lecture #1 - Chapter 15

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Najwa Haddad

THERAPIES (CHAPTER 15) - part 1 1. The Psychological Therapies A. Introduction - psychological therapies and biomedical therapies - both of those therapies have the same goals - healthier, more productive way of living - however, the assumptions and strategies they offer are completely different - psychological therapies: - main assumption is that psychological factors play a significant role in psychological disorders and disfunction. Psychological methods must be used to treat psychological problems. - Counseling and Therapy. - eclectic approach within psycho therapy - borrow techniques from different therapies that suit the needs of their patient - psychotherapy integration - putting all therapies that have been successfully studied together - 4 major psychological therapies B. Psychoanalysis - assumptions: if you have depression or anxiety... etc... its because of childhood experiences that have been pushed and repressed into the subconscious - aims: unearth the unconscious problems, bring them to the surface and deal with them - develops an inside and understands why they have problems - methods: - free association - say spontaneously what comes to mind - resistance analysis - paying really close attention to everything the patient says and does. if the patient suddenly changes topics, stops talking or leaves then they are almost unearthing the problem. - dream analysis - our psychological barriers are down so our dreams can reveal what our subconscious is holding - transference analysis - unconsciously projecting strong feelings towards the psycho analyst - interpretation - this is essential. therapist is really paying attention and looking for symbols whether in dreams or transference, and at the right time the therapist will offer an explanation - psychodynamic the
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