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PSY1102 - Therapies lecture #2 - Chapter 15

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Najwa Haddad

THERAPIES (CHAPTER 15) - part 2 E. Behaviour Therapies 1. Introduction - assumptions: rooted in maladaptive learning, emotions are learned - aims: replace the maladaptive with adaptive and healthy emotions, teach - use principles of classical conditioning, operant conditioning and observational learning 2. Classical Conditioning Techniques - learn to associate 2 events - counterconditioning: reverse the earlier conditioning - pair the trigger stimulus with a new response incompatible with fear or anxiety - Mary Cover Jones - first behavioural therapist - 3 year old Peter, terrified of anything white and fluffy, so Jones counter conditioned him. She brought a rabbit everyday for 2 months and every day put the rabbit closer to him. Peter had to be in a good environment when this was occurring though. - systematic desensitization: - progressive relaxation - construct a hierarchy - state of total relaxation - practice imagining what makes you anxious until you can think about it without being anxious - adverse conditioning - replace a positive response to a harmful stimulus, such as alcohol or cigarettes with a negative or aversive response. E3. Operant Conditioning - behaviour is controlled by its consequences - if a behaviour produces a pleasant, positive consequence it is likely to repeat, but if it produces a negative, unpleasant consequence it will probably not repeat - cognitive behavioural therapy - uses both F. Group and Family Therapy - group therapy is a group of people who have the same problem, so they get together and share a therapy session with the same therapist - group therapy is cost effective, reduces waiting time, realize the other people are sharing the same problem, use others as role models, gain a support syst
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