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PSY1102 - Therapies lecture #3 - Chapter 15

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Najwa Haddad

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THERAPIES (CHAPTER 15) - part 3 Biomedical Therapies A. Introduction - assumptions - psychological disorders are physiologically and biologically based therefore medical treatments must be used. B. Drug Therapies 1. Definitions psychopharmacology - scientific study of effects of drugs on brain and behaviour psychotropic - prescription drugs that influence functioning of brain and alleviate symptoms. psychiatrist - medical doctor, specializes in treatment of psychological disorders 2. Anti-psychotic Drugs - AKA Neuroleptics - prescription drugs used to treat psychosis, and schizophrenia - many generations - classic 1950’s in the west - reserpine, chlorpromazine (thorazize) - block dopamine receptors - drawback, worked only on symptoms, not a cure, many side effects, effected dopamine too much - new generation - clozapine - worked on both positive and negative symptoms, not a cure, fewer side effects - reduced effectiveness of white blood cells - abilify - regulates dopamine levels - advertised for depression, bi-polar disorder - not a cure 3. Anti-Anxiety Drugs - xanax, valium: - calm, joy feelings, immediate effects (within 1 hour) - calms the amyglada, increases GABA - drawbacks: impairs coordination, awareness, reaction time, potentially addictive - buspar: - less risk of addiction, calms anxiety without reducing mental alertness but it takes 2-3 weeks before effects 4. Anti-Depressant Drugs 1st generation: - trycylics - motor inhibitors - influence multiple neuro transmitters in the brain - 75% who take them get better 2nd generation - no more effective, same side effects 3rd generation: - prozac (selective seratonin receptor inhibitor) - few
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