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Lectures for Consciousness Lectures from Brown's 2011 section on consciousness pertaining to Ch.3 of the 9th edition of the Psychology textbook.

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Rosalinde Klempan

TOPIC 4CHAPTER 3CONSCIOUSNESS LECTURE 13 Tuesday March 1 20110301If you go on virtual campus youll see a script for the midterm where you can see for which chapter you lost marksThe biggest gap between what people think psychology does and what they actually dothis is the topicThe routes of this seem to go gap to Sigmund FreudFreud had the first comprehensive theory which tried toexplain behaviour from mental processes and developed a theory where there were psychic forces drivingthe person in their unconscious mind ego superego idwrong from top to bottomFreudism survives because theres nothing you cant explain using this framework but its still not helpfulfrom an experimental point of viewIt was also the first theory that explained people having different motives desires versus societyIn a modernsense we acknowledge that the brain is a parallel system brain has different parts working in parallelCONSCIOUSNESSour awareness of ourselves and our environmentAWARE having or showing realization perception or knowledgeCAN BE AWARE ALWAYS UNAWARESome visual processessome sensory processesSound taste odour touch gravity limbs in relation toblood pressure bodyown thoughtsblood volumehungerblood salinitythirstglucose levels even though some diabetics can tell where their glucose level is but not same as real awarenessmuscle glycogen content fat metabolism pupil dilation etcWe are not aware of all of the information available to us on any one timeIn some cases we can choose the informational stream that we are aware of in other cases we cantA state of consciousness is really about our informational state consciousnessinformational state of an organismwhat is it processing what we are aware ofattending tohow we got to that state ex a voluntaryinvoluntary stateare we aware that we are in an altered stateEx Charlie Sheenaltered state of consciousness and not aware of this From textbookSome states occur spontaneously daydreaming drowsiness dreamingSome are physiologically induced hallucinations orgasm food or oxygen starvation drug intakeSome are psychologically induced sensory deprivation hypnosis meditation
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