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Lectures pertaining to Nature vs Nurture Lectures from Klempan's course from Winter 2010. Comments not part of class notes (extra information said in class) are in italics.

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Rosalinde Klempan

PSY 1102APPLIED PSYCHOLOGYLecture I Thursday January0710NOTE READ CH 117 TO COVER PSY 1101 Recommended 1 READ CHAPTER in advance of lectureHighlightunderline important concepts termsexplanations note any areas of questionslack of understanding 2 Take SUMMARY notes at lectureOff overheadverbal presentation ask questionsget clarification of lecture material 3 REVIEW areas of book that require further clarificationSeek consultation with TA if necessary 4 Study for exams from BOOK HIGHLIGHTS AND NOTESSections will correspondProf tends to emphasize material in class give specific focus in studying those topics mentioned in classHowever final exam covers EVRYTHING meaning that you should familiarize everything in chapter 5 Get a study partner best with same grade goalNATURE AND NURTURE OF BEHAVIOUR CH 3 Agenda 1 NatureNurture 2 GenesDNAChromosomesGenesThe cellHuman genome project 3 Evolutionary psychologyNatural selection 4 Behaviour geneticsTwin studiesTemperament studiesMolecular genetics 5 The nature and nurture of genderGender Different aspects identity role typingOrigin of gender typing as well as origins of gender typing how does this occur where does sense of gender come fromNature vs NurtureMajor debated issue in psychology is nature vs nurture concept whether how they act is whether they were born into it nature or experience nurtureBiology vs environment Its history started in philosophyPhilosophers were the first psychologists which dates back to this question of nature vs nurture 1 NatureNurture ControversyDoes nature hereditarygenetics or nurture environmentexperience guide development dev
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