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Lecture notes for Intelligence Lectures from Klempan's course from Winter 2010. Comments not part of class notes (extra information said in class) are in italics.

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Rosalinde Klempan

LECTURE 6 Thursday January2810Intelligence Ch 11 1Origins of Intelligence TestingBinetTerman 2Intelligenceone general ability vs several specific abilities general intelligence factor analysis 3 Assessing Intelligence modern tests of mental abilities 4 Principles of Test Constructionstandardizationreliabilityvalidity 5 GeneticEnvironmental Influences on Intelligencegenetic influences What is a test it is a SAMPLE of analysis Sample of behaviour of knowledge etc In psychology psychology test is usually behaviourOrigins of Intelligence Testing A Testa sample of behaviour at a given point in timeIntelligence Testsmethod to asses mental aptitudes and compare them numerically with others Sir Francis Dalton measured peoples perceptual processes and skillsIDEA of intelligence test andmeasuring abilities is oldAlfred Binet 18571911French psychologistdevised tests that approximated modern IQ testspublished intelligence scale with Theodore Simonintelligence should be measured by task performance reasoning and problem solving abilityBinets Method MentalAge Scaleslow children are like normal ones but retarded in mental growthbright children are like older childrenIDENTIFIED 1 Mental age MA ability to reason 2 Chronological Age CA
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