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Lecture notes for psychological disorders Lectures from Klempan's course from Winter 2010. Comments not part of class notes (extra information said in class) are in italics.

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Rosalinde Klempan

LECTURE 13PSYCHOLOGICAL DISORDERS CH 16AGENDA 1Defining Psych Disorders 2Understanding Psych Disorders 3Classifying Psych Disorders 4Labelling Systems 5Anxiety Disorders 6Mood Disorders 7Schizophrenia 8Personality DisordersWhat is a psychological disorderWhats involved in that Insanityspecific type of professional uses this word legal term exclusively a legal termThey are not able to appreciate the reality of what they are doingThey are not accountable of theiractionsMental discord as described by the client hallucinationshearing things that are not theredepressionthey do not feel well in and out of themselves behaviour fits a specific criteria it is abnormal or it has changed when it causes problems for other peopleDefining Psychological Disordersa harmful dysfunction that shows one or more of 4 criterionCriterion 1 Deviation from statistical norms atypical behaviour 2 Deviation from social norms behaviour is disturbing NOTEnorms differ from society to societynorms change over time3 Maladaptiveness of behaviour does behaviour affect wellbeing of individual social groupEx everyone has certain amount of negative emotions but if youre soo afraid that you cant get to workor take the bus this will interfere with your lifeDYSFUNCTION STARTS TO TAKE ON CRITICALDISORDER DEFN personal distress may be the only signsymptom of abnormality 4Rationally unjustifiableunsupported by popular acceptance all 4 criteria are usually considered insane is a legal term whether person knows right from wrong Normality and abnormality is based on a continuumquestion of degreeAbnormality is usually an excess of somethingNormal people may have the same trait but not to the same degreeUnderstanding Psych Disorders The Medical Modelsees psych disorders as similar to psychical ones as illnesses require diagnosis based on symptoms need treatmentBioPsychoSocial Perspectivecombining factors interact to produce psych disorders factors are biological psychological and socioculturaltries to introduce complexity as opposed to medical modelEx Socialroles expectations definition of normality and disorderBiologicalevolution individual genes brain structure and chemistry Psychologicalstress trauma learned helplessness moodrelated perceptions and memories learned helplessness like dogs being shocked without learning of escape they wont escape even if theycanex anorexia nervosa obsession with weight loss Biological metabolism genetic predisposition hormonal imbalance brain chemical imbalance Somehow they have a tendency to lose appetite as they starve themselves more Social social pressure to lose weightNorth American standard is tall and skinny negatively influencesanorexia nervosaPressure can be from peers family and the mediaResearch shows societies that putpressureon being thin have higher percentage of anorexia Psychological desire for control tend to feel theyre out of control they want control somehow intensefear of gaining weight distorted thinking and body image Bulimics tend to deal with emotions in strong vicious cycles episodesClassifying Psych Disordersclassifying disorders helps to treat people we can do research studies find best way to help them investigate causes helps for communication in general Advantageshelp investigate and uncover causes of different abnormal behaviours grouping individuals according to similarities in abnormal behaviour help clarify causesimprove communication about people with similar symptomshelp plan treatment based on how similar patients responded
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