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Najwa Haddad

February 10th 2011I StressIllnessA Intromore deaths today are based on lifestyle diseaseshalf of the mortality rates are due to bad health habits and bad behaviourbecause of this a field emerged behavioural medicineBehavioural medicine addresses psychological and medical knowledgeHealth psychologists use psychology principles to address mind and body issues answer all questions about health relate to risk for disease suceptibility to develop a diseaseB StressStressorsB 1 Definition stresspsychobioligcal process that has both physiological components and psychological componentsnegative perception of situation inability to handle a seemingly threatening situation B 2 The Stress Response SystemWhen faced under a stressful situation there are many physiological changes release of hormones epinepherine norepinepherine because we go into the fight or flight mode coined by Cannon fight the enemy or run awaySelye General Adaptation Syndrome GASSelyes concept of the bodys adaptive response to stress in three states alam resistance exhaustioncoined the term stress shifted our attention to itchronic stress goes through 3 phases in a sequential reaction1alarm reaction body will mobilize resources to cope with stress physical or emotional trauma acitvations of SNS fainting or shock2resistance phase body will do whatever it can to resistcope with stress makes the body more vulnerable to disease outpouring of hormones3exhaustion body cant cope or resist the stress becomes vulnerable to diseases and organ damage may result in deathAdrenal Glandsfast acting system Cortex sends message to hypothalamus which activates the SNS in the spinal cord which activates the adrenal medulla that releases epinepherine or norepinepherine fast reaction systemslow acting system Cortex sends message to hypothalamus which activates the pituitary glands which releases hormones and activates the adrenal cortex that releases stress hormones cortisolSystems are adaptive they help us for short term stress over a long period a time it becomes lethal too much cortisol can kill brain cellsB 3 What causes stressstressful life eventscatastrophessignificant life changesdaily hassles the number of daily hassles you have is an indicator of the number of life changes and the illnesses in the futuresocial and culturalconflicapproachapproachapproachavoidanceavoidanceavoidancePercieved Control control over ones emotions and self when faced with stress Knowing that you can get through it manage it and if you cant your emotions will not swallow them wholeC Stressthe Heart bok too objective 13 chapter reviewC 1 FriedmanRosenman1st study 1950 researching heart disease relationship between that and diet
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