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Najwa Haddad

thMarch 15 2011Chapter 15 Therapy I Psychological therapy A Intro Psych Therapies some will that an eclectic style to pick and chose from different therapies no limited to one type of therapy psych therapy integrationnew thing for everyone to one alittle about the different psych treatments B Psychoanalysis Freudevents childhood that has been repressed in the childhood stage and they are pushed into the unconsciencethey still affect out relationships behavioremotiondig into the unconscious and bring the to the surface so the are now conscience of this then after the patients is aware of these they can they move on to help resolve the problems Methods free associationresistance the flow that you stop from talking about y and now your talking about x he will notice and looking into why you are changing the topic dream analysis unconscious comes out in your dreams but it comes out in symbols the psychologist interrupted you dreams for youTransference the client transfers the feeling you have with another to the therapist ex love hate relationship with mom might but that on to the therapist this is done unconscious Interpretation they tell you what they think is going on with you but they cant tell you to early because you might reject what they have to say Psychodynamic Therapydrhaddad will teach us about this later C Humanistic Therapies assumptions human being are basic good nature is basic goodBorn with forcesto achieve selfactualization We need unconditional acceptancewhen we are accepted conditionally then we can not getselfactualizationbad if we are told that we are loved only if we do what the person wants of usFocus onpresent and future explore feelings as they occur conscious responsibilityyou decide what you want to talk about stop when you want you are in control nondirect they dont tell you what to do or anything they think you will get to the answer provide the right environment Clientcentered Therapy RogersRogers was the first to use the word client and not patient because people are not sick looking to be curedUnconditional positive regardalways respect them in all they moodsempathy dont make judgmentgenuineness dont lie to them tell them the truth active listeningReflecting you hear what they say and reflect it back to them Restating
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