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Chapter 13 PersonalityPersonality is the result of a complex EAP 514532 At least 10 questionsinteraction between a number of different factorsII Contemporary Research on Learning Much of our behaviours are Personalitylearned through punishment reward Personality Typical way we think feel and observation and modellingbehaveConscious cognitive processes We are not passive learners We evaluate and assess A Evaluating the Trait Perspective the goals we haveSilly friendly and funny are all traitsSelfefficacy beliefs Extent to which you believe that you are capable competent Criticisms of the Trait Perspectiveand can perform successfully despite past It does not offer an explanation as to why failureswe developed the traits or why we differ in SituationalEnvironmental Student on a traits It only offers a description of the traitsFriday nightIt focuses on traits as being the main causes of behaviour By doing this we C2 Reciprocal Determinismdisregard other factors The PersonAccording to this perspective all previous Situation Controversy factors interact with each other in a complex wayMischel There is mutual causation between two or Traits are poor predictors of behaviour more variables they will influence and affect Knowing someones traits do not allow us to each other Ex ExerciseFit bodypredict their behaviour Epstein Mischel was simultaneously right and wrongTraits are a poor predictor of behaviour in specific situationsHowever traits are a good predictor of 3 ways they interact behaviour when used on average across all Different people choose different goals and cultures and timesituationsPersonality shapes how we interpret B The Behaviour PerspectivesituationsAside from genes the only other thing that Personality helps create situations to which can influence personality is environmentwe reactPersonality is shaped by the environment we do things because there is a payoffC3 Personal ControloBehaviour producing desirable Locus of control is either internal or externaloInternal You are in control of your consequences is likely to repeatoBehaviour producing undesirable lifeoExternal You are not in control of consequences is unlikely to repeatPersonality is a set of learned responses to your life external factors are themLearned helplessness When repeated faced with a situation that is uncontrollable people are likely to give up C The Social Cognitive PerspectiveEx Elephants stay attached to poles Sean C1 Introhit by a pedophile and kept hostageBanduraOptimism Need a healthy level
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