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Motor development study in the bookEgocentrism Think and believe there is only their own perspective Do not Jean Piaget understand that other people think and feel Studied cognitive development in childhood differentlyFound that children have their own logic Literal thinking Literal understanding of Children are not simply miniature versions words duct tapeduck tapeof adults Symbolism Begin to use symbols to Children are active not passive learners understand and represent the world They have an innate motivation to learn However they still do not understand this in about the worldany significant wayB Cognitive Development Major limitations Cognition Higher order mental processesUnable to perform mental operationsSchema schemes Mental model Operation Action you can reverserepresentation of somethingMental operation Operation you can do in Assimilation Use existing schema to your own mind 134 31interpret new situation will fit right into Children fall prey to centration They focus existing schemaon one aspect of something and disregard Accommodation Encounter new situation other info or characteristics change existing schema in order to Centration Object remains the same even incorporate new informationthough some of its superficial characteristics may have been changed Maynard the dog According to Piaget we have 4 stages of catcognitive development These are universal specific stages You cannot skip these Theory of Mind and Autism EAPstages Concrete Operational Stage 711 yearsSensorimotor Stage 02 years Children can perform mental operations but Use senses and motor skills to learn about are not capable of performing abstract and discover the worldoperations According to Piaget children are not They are less likely to fall prey to centration capable of abstract thinking but understand conservationMajor achievement Object permanence Object continues to exist even if you Formal Operational Stage 12 and upcannot perceive it Without object Thinking is becoming theoretical permanence out of sight is out of mind hypothetical logical and abstractPiaget thought everyone could reach this Was Piaget correctstage but research shows the opposite At some point in time we didnt have object permanence However it develops earlier Reflections on Piaget Make notes in than Piaget anticipatednotebook on whether Piaget was right or Seriously underestimated babies abstract wrongthoughts Babies had knowledge of numbers basic laws of physicsC Social DevelopmentPreoperational Stage 27 years Animism Believe inanimate objects are C1aliveAttachment Formation of strong enduring emotional bonds Formed with caregivers as
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