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D Molecular GeneticsRich rats had thicker brains more numerous and bushier neuronsResearchers are finding genes responsible Seniors exercising showed 60 for disease trait behaviour gene improvement in synapsesdetectives study DNA itself Ex High Childrens brain function take over when a cholesterol gene runs in familyhemisphere of the brain is missing They want to find all the factors linked with mental health Understand and come up C How much credit or blame do parents with a preventiondeserve See textbookPromises and DangersD Peer Influence oDo something about it after the Importance of peers is documented as far discovery of a bad gene good geneback as early infancy It is a good predictor oMay be able to take genes of interactions later in lifediscriminate on the basis of certain Growing interactionGrowing influencegenes Genes in fetuses may lead to abortion Baby girls were aborted Peersrisktaking behaviours because families preferred boysChildren are more likely to take risks if their peers do itIII The Nurture ComponentIs this the selection effect Tendency or A Prenatal Developmentinterest to gravitate to people who are Begins at conception already engaging in certain behaviours Baby i
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