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Najwa Haddad

1Monday January1612Lecture IIID Molecular Genetics Scientists were DNA and Gene detectives They were interested in finding out which genes were responsible for a trait characteristic or disease They do this by studying DNA By comparing families that have the disease and those families members that dont have the genes they can find out which genes are responsible for a certain disease trait etcIf we can find which genes are responsible we can eliminate certain diseasesIII The Nurture Component A Prenatal Development B ExperienceBrain DevelopmentC D A Prenatal DevelopmentNurture is EVERYTHING other than genes Nurture begins at the moment of conception to the moment of birthThe baby in the womb is very well protected but not 100 o There are many viruses bacteria toxins drugs that can cross the placenta barrier and can influence the development of the babyVulnerability in the wombEven though twins are exposed in the same womb their prenatal development may be different different environmentIdentical twins who share the same placenta are more identical to each other than twins who share different placenta Twins in the womb are aware of each other presence The roots for adult diseases are believed to be derived from the nutrition from the womb The health of the baby in the womb can determine the future healthiness of your life B ExperienceBrain DevelopmentB1 Experience Facilitates Brain DevelopmentBabies need to be exposed and stimulate to everyday life Without proper nurture stimulation experience a brain will never nurture Need to be exposed to human beings life need to be touched and nurtured Everything about them needs to be stimulated Photo in class brain pictureswith a lot of nurture brain was bigger with extreme neglect brain was much smaller
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