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119 January 2012Lecture IVChapter 5 Developing through the lifespan I II III IV V VI I Introduction Developmental psychology is the study of how humans change from the moment of conception until the moment of death They study how we change physically emotionally socially cognitively etc Patterns of change begin at conception and change throughout the life spanNature of development does it occur in stages or is it continuousDo the characteristics you develop in childhood remain throughout your entire life time Does what happen to us when we are growing up influence what we do in the future II Prenatal Development and the Newborn A B A Conception Over 200 million sperms are released and are going to rush toward the egg It takes several days to get to the egg many of them die but many of them get to the egg and are going to try to penetrate the egg The egg releases a chemical to prevent other sperm from penetrating Only head of sperm gets into egg tail
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