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1Lecture V23 January 2012C The Component Newborn Really tuned in to the sights and sounds of the world Learn about smell in the womb based on moms diet Shortly after birth they recognize the smell of mom compared to the smell of other wome III Infancy and Childhood A Physical Development B C A Physical Development Maturation Were talking about a genetic ally driven process Genes determine the exact sequence of development of a certain skill or areaBrain development The brain is still not finished developing during infancy Rapid growth of the brain during childhood By the time the baby is 6 years old the brain 910 the size of the adult brain Any synapse that is not used will be chopped ofgotten rid of Researchers believe that it will help the brain work betterMaturation and Memory Childhood Amnesia means that us as grownups cannot remember the first 3 years of our lives This is because the centers in our brain responsible for long term memory storage
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