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Chapter 10 - Intelligence

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Najwa Haddad

Chapter 10Intelligence I What is intelligence A Definition of intelligence there is no definition because there is no agreement among researchers about what intelligence is although there are certain components of intelligence that researchers agree ony think rationale y solve problems y act purposefully y effectively cope with the worldB One or several intelligences B1 The FactorAnalysis ApproachIs intelligence one single ability or we have multiple intelligences that are independent from each otherIn order to answer this question some researchers have used factor analysisFactor analysis very sophisticated research that is used to identify common factors that may underlie test itemsSpearman first person to use this approach to answer this question y He found out the following and concluded intelligence is one single general ability o G general intelligence o S separate abilities verbal intelligence spatial ability reason ability but they are all part of your general intelligenceThurstone another researchers who used this approach to answer this same question y He believes there is no G and that we have multiple intelligences that are separate and independent from each other you cannot predict one from the other you cannot have just one IQ scoreB2Contemporary Approaches 1 Gardner Multiple IntelligencesHe strongly believes there is no GLogic y Brain damage some abilities are effected while others are not therefore mental abilities are biologically and neurologically different from each other and they are controlled by different parts of the brain
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