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University of Ottawa
Christine Mountney

Class 2 Developing Through the Life SpanDeveloping Through the Life Span Prenatal Development and the NewbornConceptionPrenatal DevelopmentThe Competent NewbornDevelopmental Psychology IssueDetails 1 NatureNurture how do genetic inheritance our nature and experience the nurture we receive influence our behaviour 2 ContinuityStages Is development a gradual continuous process or a sequence of separate stages3 StabilityChange Do our early personality traits persists through life or do we become different persons as we age Prenatal Development and the NewbornHow over time did we come to be who we are From zygote to birth development progresses in an orderly though fragile sequenceConceptionA single sperm cell male penetrates the outer coating of the egg female and fuses to form one fertilized cellPrenatal DevelopmentA zygote is a fertilized egg with 100 cells that become increasingly diverse At about 14 days the zygote turns into an embryo a and b At 9 weeks an embryo turns into a fetus c and d Teratogens are chemicals or viruses that can enter the placenta and harm the developing fetusThe Competent NewbornInfants are born with reflexes that aid in survival including rooting reflex which helps them locate food Offspring cries are important signals for parents to provide nourishment In animals and humans such cries are quickly attended to and relievedInfancy and ChildhoodInfancy and childhood span from birth to the teenage years During these years the individual grows physically cognitively and sociallyInfancy spannewborn to toddlerChildhood spantoddler to teenager Physical DevelopmentInfants psychological development depends on their biological development To understand the emergence of motor skills and memory we must understand the developing brain
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