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Christine Mountney

Chapter 13 Personality4 PerspectivesThe Psychoanalytic PerspectiveThe Human PerspectiveThe Trait PerspectiveThe SocialCognitive Perspective The Psychoanalytic PerspectiveExploring the UnconsciousThe NeoFreudian and Psychodynamic TheoriesAssessing Unconscious ProcessesEvaluating the Psychoanalytic PerspectivePersonality An individuals characteristic pattern of thinking feeling and actingPsychoanalytic PerspectiveSigmund Freud 18561939In his clinical practice Freud encountered patients suffering from nervous disorders Their complaints could not be explained in terms of purely physical causesPsychodynamic PerspectiveFreuds clinical experience led him to develop the first comprehensive theory of personality which included the unconscious mind psychosexual stagesand defense mechanismsExploring the UnconsciousA reservoir unconscious mind of mostly unacceptable thoughts wishes feelings and memories Freud asked patients to say whatever came to their minds free association in order to tap the unconsciousPsychoanalysisThe process of free association chain of thoughts leads to painful embarrassing unconscious memories Once these memories are retrieved and released treatment psychoanalysis the patient feels betterModel of MindThe mind is like an iceberg It is mostly hidden and below the surface lies the unconscious mind The preconscious stores temporary memoriesDream AnalysisAnother method to analyze the unconscious mind is through interpreting manifest and latent contents of dreams Personality Structure
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