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Chapter 14 Psychological DisordersPsychological DisordersPeople are fascinated by the exceptional the unusual and the abnormal This fascination may be caused by two reasons 1 During various moments we feel think and act like an abnormal individual 2 Psychological disorders may bring unexplained physical symptoms irrational fears and suicidal thoughts To study the abnormal is the best way of understanding the normalWilliam James 18421910 1 There are 450 million people suffering from psychological disorders WHO 2004 2 Depression and schizophrenia exist in all cultures of the worldDefining Psychological DisordersMental health workers view psychological disorders as persistently harmful thoughts feelings and actionsWhen behavior is deviant distressful and dysfunctional psychiatrists and psychologists label it as disordered Comer 2004Deviant DistressfulDysfunctional 1 Deviant behavior going naked in one culture may be considered normal while in others it may lead to arrest 2 Deviant behavior must accompany distress 3If a behavior is dysfunctional it is clearly a disorderUnderstanding Psychological DisordersAncient Treatments of psychological disorders include trephination exorcism being caged like animals being beaten burned castrated mutilated or transfused with animals blood Trephination boring holes in the skull to remove evil forcesThe Medical ModelPhilippe Pinel 17451826 from France insisted that madness was not due to demonic possession but an ailment of the mindWhen physicians discovered that syphilis led to mental disorders they started using medical models to review the physical causes of these disorders1 Etiology Cause and development of the disorder 2 Diagnosis Identifying symptoms and distinguishing one disease from another 3 Treatment Treating a disorder in a psychiatric hospital 4 Prognosis Forecast about the disorderThe Biopsychosocial Approach
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