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Chapter 14Psychological Disorders I Perspective on Psychological Disorders A IntroductionAbnormal Psychology psychologists scientifically study mental illness the symptoms causes progress treatment and the preventionPrevalence based on a survey psychological orders and more prevalent then what people thinkSurvey questions o Based in the past month have you experience a psychological disorder 26 yes o Have you experienced a mental illness within your lifetime Help Over 60 of people with mental illness do not seek help and those who do often do not receive adequate helpReasons people dont get help o Low income no money o No access they live in a rural area o They do not understand and recognize the illness o The stigma that comes with it they dont want to seem crazyCaution when we cover this chapter psychology students start believing they have all these disordersB Defining Psychological DisordersCriteria Statistical infrequency you look at the population of interest and you see how prevalent this behaviour is Deviant it has to deviate from the standards and the norms of societyDistressing when it is personally distressing it is likely to be considered a disorderDysfunctional harmful to oneself and others disruptive interferes with the persons ability to lead a normal lifeC Understanding Psychological DisordersThe why They determine how we are going to handle and treat the people with psychological disorders3 perspectives o The Demonic ModelWas the dominant model throughout historyPeople who have psychological disorders are people possessed by demons the devil or God is punishing them o Medical Perspective Renaissance they thought maybe it wasnt demons but maybe it was physical in spite of this they still did things like cutting them to bleed the illness out or throwing them in a snake putPinel was apalude by the situation thought they needed to treat people with mental illness like humans instead of chaining them in a basement people got better and went home Syphilis they thought the body was sick and it caused mental illness when researchers studied syphilis this backed them upToday We look at the SYMPTOMS then we DIAGNOSE then we offer THERAPY and hope for a CURE o BioPsychoSocial PerspectiveMedical model is based on physiologybiology onlyResearchers started looking at nature and nurtureGeneticsPhysiologicalPsychologicalSocial and culturalAnorexia only found in cultures where being thin is considered being healthy beautiful and idealKoro an anxiety disorders only found in southeast asia men have this believe that there penis is going to retract into their abdomen and kill them D Classifying DisordersDSMIVTR the reference for psychologists therapists medical doctorsLists all the psychological disorders that have been identified todayLists all the symptoms to the disordersLists all the criteria that must be met for a person to be diagnosedTR is for text revision every fear years the revise the book based on new scientific research to add or take away from the bookWritten by over 1000 psychologists combined over 60 organizations participated including the world health organization Criticisms o Relies too heavily on the medical model o It does not give enough credit to cultural variables
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