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Christine Mountney

TherapyHistory of Insane Treatment Maltreatment of the insane throughout the ages was the result of irrational views Many patients were subjected to strange debilitating and downright dangerous treatments Philippe Pinel in France and Dorthea Dix in America founded humane movements to care for the mentally sickTherapies Psychotherapy involves an emotionally charged confiding interaction between a trained therapist and a mental patient Biomedical therapy uses drugs or other procedures that act on the patients nervous system treating his or her psychological disorders An eclectic approach uses various forms of healing techniques depending upon the clients unique problemsPsychological Therapies We will look at four major forms of psychotherapies based on different theories of human nature 1 Psychoanalytic theory 2 Humanistic theory 3 Behavioral theory 4 Cognitive theoryPsychoanalysis The first formal psychotherapy to emerge was psychoanalysis developed by Sigmund Freud Psychoanalysis Aims Since psychological problems originate from childhood repressed impulses and conflicts the aim of psychoanalysis is to bring repressed feelings into conscious awareness where the patient can deal with them When energy devoted to idegosuperego conflicts is released the patients anxiety lessensPsychoanalysis Methods Dissatisfied with hypnosis Freud developed the method of free association to unravel the unconscious mind and its conflicts The patient lies on a couch and speaks about whatever comes to his or her mind During free association the patient edits his thoughts resisting his or her feelings to express emotions Such resistance becomes important in the analysis of conflictdriven anxiety Eventually the patient opens up and reveals his or her innermost private thoughts developing positive or negative feelings transference towards the therapist
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