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University of Ottawa
Caroline Sullivan

Working With Children to Answer Research Questions Ethical Consideration • As with adults: – Overall benefits must outweigh overall costs – No physical or psychological harm – Confidentiality • Informed consent: – Children may not be able to fully understand verbal explanation or consent form – Parents/legal guardians asked for consent – Assent: – Children are given as much information as possible – Assent occurs when child “shows some form of agreement to participate” (SRCD, 1996) – Infants? • Right to withdraw: – Researcher’s responsibility: • Monitor experiment and stop if it appears that undue stress is being experienced • Parents can also end the experiment, but often will not • Rewards/compensation: – Should not be used to gain assent – Should not be mentioned until informed consent obtained from parent/guardian – Debriefing Practical Challenges: Recruitment • Recruiting: – No ISPR – Google Ads, local newspapers, parenting events (e.g. The Baby Boom Show), child care centres, word of mouth – Parents volunteer to come in with their babies for a half hour session – Volunteers may be a unique population • Sample size: – Can be quite small in experimental research – Restricted age ranges: – Huge developmental changes over a short time span • E.g. Infants begin saying first words at 12 months, but experience “word spurt” around 18 months – Smaller pool of potential participants • E.g. 8.5-10.5 month old group vs. 18+ year olds • Keeping it fun and engaging: – It’s a balancing act! – Attrition can be a problem – In our lab 30-50% of infants do not complete – Infant stu
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